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From the kitchen, you step out onto a side patio, which has an opening cut into the roof to allow sunlight to fall on a planter. The previous owners, in an attempt to remodel the house in the Spanish style, had gutted the kitchen. Eric Lamers rebuilt the space with cabinetry based on elevation drawings found in Neutra's
Main House Kitchen
Kitchen island, Living Room and Study from entry with panoramic views of Los Angeles beyond
In the kitchen, the cabinetry is by High Country Cabinets and the countertop is Caesarstone.
Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
Kitchen from Dada Italy
The space here still emphasizes its continuity but in an orthogonal order. The ceiling undulates up and down with the heights distributing different activities.
Shoe storage and audio equipment are blended into the partition. Thus, subordinate furniture is no longer independent but merged into the space
The living space is equipped with a home cinema and a mini bar to enhance the entertainment facilities for social activities.
When entering the house, one could easily perceive its fluidity at the first glance.
Canyon Barn
Green roof
Green roof
Electrochromic glass windows
Pro and Con(crete) 

For Whitlock, using concrete for the first floor was an inexpensive alternative to stone, wood, or tile. “I just poured the foundation and it gave me my finished floor,” Whitlock says. “Way simpler!”
A previous owner remodeled the kitchen in 2000, outfitting it with stainless-steel cabinets by Bulthaup as well as a Sub-Zero refrigerator and an induction stove by Diva.
A wood-burning stove by Euroflues is suspended from the ceiling in the living room. The glass curtain-wall system that surrounds it was a year in the making. It was painstakingly designed and tested so it would hold up to punishing winds off the Pacific Ocean that can reach 120 mph.
The owners brought their Elmira Stove Works appliances, including the Model 1958/1959 refrigerator and the matching Model 1955 stove, into their new home. Custom cabinets and IKEA chairs provide an equally bright finish.
Keep the Home Fires Burning

Using wood for heat and energy keeps the Wadhams’ environmental footprint small and helps avoid the use of coal- or nuclear-powered electricity. Come winter, the couple relies on an Esse wood-burning stove for cooking, heating, and feeding a set of small radiators. In summer, they use the stove’s electric component, which is powered by solar energy.
The open-plan living room is Standard Studio architect and creative director Jurjen van Hulzen’s favorite part of the home. “Mom can cook, Dad can work or play piano, the kids can play. At nighttime there’s a fireplace and a nice sitting area,” says van Hulzen. “It really just has a super nice energy.”
Along with the interior design’s emphasis on natural light, Montalba also wanted a minimalist look. That sense of “timelessness,” as he says, is achieved with help from the Bertoia counter stools in the kitchen.
"I'm a foodie, so this kitchen [holds] a lot of fun dinner parties," Nadarajah says. The island is a deeper shade of birch.
With a push of the sliding door, the bedroom morphs into an extension of the living room, adding much-appreciated square feet during dinner parties and other gatherings. The platform bed and backrest are both Tag Front designs.
Laid out in a 270-degree panorama in front of the house is the frosty expanse of Cook Inlet, cascading rocky mountains, and a white sun as big as a dinner plate.
The kitchen remodel included creating more space and installing a single-plane island that served as the perfect spot for the family’s children to do everything from eating to studying schoolwork. Photo by Mariko Reed.
In an effort to create a more open floor plan, a portion of the wall between the kitchen, family area, and dining room was removed. Part of the dining room wall was also replaced with a huge window that not only makes a statement, but also gives the family a stunning view of the backyard area. Photo by Mariko Reed.
Bathroom palette blends seamlessly into the whole floor plan with white oak accents and decorative lighting.
The stair, an architectural piece in itself, composed of glass balustrades and open risers, allows light to fall further into the interior.
A projecting skylight offers an additional source of daylight from above, allowing light to pass down to all three floors below.
Dining are with custom table and millwork by Christian Woo.
The custom kitchen millwork was designed by local furniture designer and manufacturer, Christian Woo.
Master bath

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