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An outdoor pavilion with much potential for future innovations.
Rising Cane pavilion by Penda.
Son La Ceremony Dome by Vo Trong Nghia Architects.
Hay Hay restaurant and bar at The Naman Retreat.
The Vietnam Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015.
The slatted pine wood extensions add to the highly transparent nature of the house, while still providing privacy.
A second skin of made of pinewood and Structural Insulated Panel Ecowall (SIP) shields the outdoor porches of this coastal home.
A bedroom looks out to stunning coastal views.
An asymmetrical roof and  simple, earthy wood gives this house an abstract, sculptural character.
Light wood floors and ceilings, and a glossy white kitchen give the interiors a bright, modern and minimalist feel.
Exposed pine wood trusses support the roof structure.
Indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected.
A beach house in the coastal Chilean town of Punta de Lobos.
A fire pit set into the the decking.
Large openings in the latticework facade brings in sunshine and sea breezes.
An outdoor grilling area on the side porch.
The exterior of Connect 4L 1,600 sf 3 bed 3 bath 2 story modern prefab.
Interior of attached garage with car charging stations built in.
Detail of the Santa Monica Connect 4L guest bathroom.
The downstairs bathroom of Santa Monica Connect 4L with the semigloss wall tile from Daltile and the floor tile by Deko.
A George Nelson Bubble lamp hangs in the stairwell of Santa Monica Connect 4L.
Santa Monica Connect 4L Kitchen Detail with book matched walnut cabinet fronts by Semihandmade.
Santa Monica Connect 4L Kitchen Interiors
The home appears as if it is carved into the mountainside, one with the trees and rock formations.
A screened in porch with full-height openings projects into the surrounding landscape.  The light wood floors contrast with the dark stained walls and ceiling.
Full height glazing provides a direct visual connection to the exterior foliage.
White, hexagon tiles frame a shower and bath block of space in the Master Bath.
A Mason Corbeil Sofa provides the perfect lounge setting to relax and enjoy the views of the treetops.
A custom-designed wood dining table is surrounded by chairs acquired at Saint-Michel Flea Market in Montreal.  IKEA pendant lamps decorate the space.
A custom made wine glass and pot holder hangs above the island.
The exterior deck gracefully meanders its way around the rock formations.
The hovered volume places minimal impact on the site, respecting the topography and natural conditions.
Large openings provide visual connections from all areas of the home, extending the livable space out into nature.
The simplicity in massing and material create a sculptural blocking of interior and exterior spaces.
Creueta House-Living room.
The lacquered panels’ of the bespoke storage unit conceal a direct access to the bedroom from the main entrance through a double door, like a secret entrance that keeps the room private and independent.
In the entryway, light is provided by a minimalist glass globe, built-in within the unit, and through another niche that peeks into the living room.
The guest bathroom picks up on the pink lacquered them that runs throughout the apartment.
The guest bathroom sits hidden in a coral-colored arch volume off the kitchen.
The open kitchen features a rounded island with the sink and a dishwasher, that also doubles as an informal eating area.
The kitchen cabinets are finished in a warm grey and fitted with vintage brass concave handles.
Three globe pendants with brass details and burgundy cords that match the hood tube hang above the kitchen island.
An arc motif is a recurring theme throughout the kitchen's design.
Designed by CaSA expressly for this project, the Fold Lamp was produced by Barcelona brand Metalware.
Between the two big windows, the golden
Additional storage is everywhere.
The dining room enjoys the same special views.
A mini conversation pit is set around a pebble-floored hearth and steel fireplace.
Close up of the interlocking broom heads

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