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Cameron McNall House
The new home of architect Cameron McNall is an extraordinary light-filled design experience wrapped in a dramatic 3,000. sq.ft.
The Mansfield Frogner House
After working with Buckenmeyer Architecture to design a modern attached ADU for our house, I finished building the new structure September 2017.
Reclaimed Malibu Modern
Incredibly updated Paradise Cove Beach House with extreme attention to detail and designer touches throughout.
Zen Light
This North Boulder ranch style house circa 1956 was lacking spacial flow, and most importantly, life affirming daylight.
Wee Ski Chalet
Wee Ski Chalet represents a shift in one family’s vision for a place to call home after a day skiing on the mountain.
Hillside House No. 3
White walls, splashes of color, and vintage furniture are a winning recipe for this Hawaiian remodel.
Division Street ADU
An accessory structure in the heart of the Richmond neighborhood was designed to accommodate changing uses over time, giving the owner flexibility to use the...
Las Casas Residence
A California beach home in the Pacific Palisades designed for mother who grew up on the property yet wanted to transform it to live there with her children...
Casa Milton
Casa Milton is a rehabilitation of a 50’s house in one of the most modernist neighborhoods in Mexico City.
Oak Court
Designed in 1958 by Edward Durell Stone, Oak Court represented a significant residential achievement in the architect’s worldwide body of work.
Black Box II
Black Box II achieves a subtle balance between the old and new, preserving authentic, iconic details while integrating a bold new design.
An Oceanfront Sanctuary on the California Coast
Situated on a coastal bluff 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean, this sophisticated seaside retreat, affectionately known as Villa Montara, offers a taste of...
De Haaf Bergen, The Netherlands
De Haaf in Bergen, The Netherlands.
La Boyita
With a unique piece of land, due to its size, location and views, the owner could only dream for a relaxed and peaceful summer house.
Architects: Flat6 - Location: Hanoi, Vietnam Architect in Charge: Dinh Cong Quynh, Nguyen Ba Dung, Tran Quang Hung,...
The home is roughly 20’ wide and situated on a slender 4,000 SF lot. Working within the tight constraints we wanted to make the house feel bigger.
Sticks & Stones Home
Hunters Hill is an attractive, historic peninsula that lies between the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers on the north shore of Sydney Harbour.
The New Twin Peaks
Sydney’s ultimate trees are fine Port Jackson Figs.
Raise the Roof
Going Up in Bellevue...
The Triplex Apartments
Stepped Residences in Bellevue...
Diamond apartment
• Architects: YoDezeen • Project: Diamond apartment • Location: Kiev, Ukraine • Photography: Andrii Shurpenkov • Area: 320,4 m2 • Year: ...
Object 336 - beautiful blackbox
From the village center, the road snakes slowly towards Pfannenstiel, high through a residential area with houses mainly from the 60s.
The Books House
A Calligrapher handed three books to his wife, she placed them in a random stack on the table… “We want The Books House”… they said.
Maison Lac Brûlé
The Lac Brûlé House is located in forest on 15 acres of land the house was located on a plateau in mountains.
Deer Haven Residence
Deer Haven Residence is a 3,000sf home conceived as a narrow bars of space that follow and step down with the subtle contours of the site and unfold to the...
57 Drawers
This 175 sq. m apartment is designed for a family with two small children.
Healdsburg Home
This project was for a couple with an extensive relationship to the timber of the forest.
Black Box II
Black Box II achieves a subtle balance between the old and new, preserving authentic, iconic details while integrating a bold new design.
Roslyn Road Residence
Relocating to the East Coast from Santa Monica, it was important to the family to bring the spirit of the Modern homes they left behind into the design of...

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