Homeowners, architects, realtors, and professionals are all encouraged to share the modern homes they live in, worked on, or just plain admire. Dwell will daily feature select modern homes and share them on our social channels. Featured homes will be submitted for editorial consideration.

Toro Canyon House
There is a dramatic and winding approach up through the landscape that keeps the compound hidden until the last moment.
House at Los Cisnes
This house lies on a quiet triangular shaped site on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Groves of trees surround the place giving the architecture a natural frame.
Micro live:work studio
Bence is a 20-something, guest-loving, college audiophile. Working with Bence, we created a studio apartment that minimizes proactive tidying up. This included...
A Family Affair
The Somogyi’s may be the world’s friendliest family, and when it comes to their nearest and dearest, the saying ‘mi casa es su casa’ definitely applies.
Modern Barns
Three old barns were converted to a mid-century modern home in the 1950’s by Henry Hoover, a prolific architect that built many modern homes in Lincoln MA. In...
Warming Hut
The elemental, pure form of the hut, almost the very symbol of home, rendered in the stark black of charred wood, is nestled in soft white snow.
The Simply Simple Home
The Simply Simple home is comprised of 1,800 sqft located in rural Indiana and is the ideal mix of modern, scandinavian, and farmhouse styles.
Modern Cabin in Ste-Adele
Overlooking the valley, this modern cabin was built using the BONE Structure technology. An open concept featuring wooden details and white kitchen.
Haynes-Peters House
Located along the dune line that Camp Creek Lake and the Gulf of Mexico share, the Camp Creek House functions as a mediator between two distinct environments,...
Briarcliff Manor
A meticulously restored mid-century modern streamline residence.
House in the Woods
“House in the Woods” by Architectural Resources was awarded the ASID NYU / CE and AIA Buffalo Chapter Residential design awards.
LOFT F5.04
When the chance to buy an apartment in the former factory ETA Regula arose for its prospective owners, they did not hesitate for a minute.
The Wedge House
The Wedge house is a custom-built single family home located in the northern suburbs of Athens, in the mountainous and full of pine trees area of Penteli,...
Kingsville Residence
Kingsville Residence is a minimalist home located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Richard King Design.
Cat House
Cat House is a minimalist interior design located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Seiji Iwama Architects.
Iterior DM
Internal restoration of a 110 square meter apartment, located on the top floor of a building in the historic center of Bassano del Grappa bombed during the...
House PB
The dwelling is a 120mq addition to a rural complex in the Veneto countryside.
Mid-Century Meets Boho Chic
Fresh off her show’s much-anticipated return for Season 7, “Game of Thrones” actress Lena Headey is parting ways with this Sherman Oaks home.
Casa Valle was designed following a program for an adult couple, the Project is developed on two levels, at a ground floor with an open day area, and upstairs...
House with a Kura in Gosho-Higashi
Located in the 1,200-year-old historic center of Kyoto, Japan, and surrounded by green hills, Nichinichi Townhouse is a holiday home that combines traditional...
Guest House on a Lake
The guest house serves as a simple retreat overlooking Lake Washington on the western shore of Mercer Island, with an open living, kitchen and dining room on...
Rodin Residence
When Taos contractor Ed Bell called his daughter Molly in the fall of 2014, he had a simple enough request: "I’ve got a potential client for you.
Fabre Residence
Fabre Residence is a minimalist house located in Montréal, Canada, designed by Atelier-D.
Sunset Park Row House
This run-down two-family house was converted into a comfortable home for a couple and their three small children.
Portola Valley
The first home I helped design for these long time friends and clients was a very modest, century old place in the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.
Home 12
Home 12 is a minimalist interior design created by Netherlands-based designers i29.
Via Tiempo
This single story, 80s inspired home quickly became a labor of love for the dasMOD Founders, Erik Gilmer and Sven Simon.
Courtyard House on a Steep Site
The site for this challenging residence is a steeply sloped, 50’ wide by 400’ long site located along the western shore of Mercer Island.
The Tinhouse
On the northwestern tip of Scotland’s Isle of Skye is a vacation rental that's inspired by the region’s traditional “crofter style” cottages, but covered with...
Tropical Minimal
The main concern designing the landscape for this property was, “truth in materials”.