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The Josephine Ashmun Residence
Music was always an important part of Josephine Ashmun’s life. At age 11, she became a church organist, a position she would hold for over 40 years.
Morgan House
Architect William Morgan designed this distinctive, triangular house in Atlantic Beach, Florida, which is now selling for $1.75 million.
Casa Paraíso Country Club
Casa Paraíso is a weekend country house located in a residential estate within a golf course near the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico.
The Long Studio
Designed as a standalone multi-functional structure, the studio outbuilding was conceived of as a stage set and a lens through which to view the local site’s...
Casa Campestre 107
Campestre 107 is a residence located in San Angel Inn District inside Mexico City.
The KGET in Marseille
A beach house with a view on Marseille, France, inspired by the surrounding landscape and many years living in NSW, Australia.
ROOST Midtown
ROOST Apartment Hotel offers fully furnished apartments available for weekly and monthly accommodations.
Casa Plaza
Casa Plaza (2017) by Mass Arquitectos is located in front the Plaza de los Olímpicos, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Richview Residence
For the Richview Residence, Studio AC was tasked with creating a concept that maintained an open layout while housing as much storage as possible for this...
Kew is a minimalist house located in London, United Kingdom, designed by McLaren.Excell.
The Apartment For Přemek
Located in a 1930s building in Prague, Czech Republic, this four-bedroom apartment has a bright nook, hidden study desk, and loads of discreet storage.
Canal House
Initially built by native dwellers 2000 years ago and rebuilt for modern society over a century ago are 181 miles of canals that bring water to the desert city...
Morgan Street Live/Work
A couple lives and works in harmony in Chicago.
Country House
A country house gets a new life by the renovation of the interiors and the expansion of the living space designed in the extension made by glass and corten...
New and innovative residential concept to launch in Dutch housing...
Cor-Ten Steel-Clad Prefab
Perched along the banks of the River Ouse near the historic English town of Lewes is a Cor-Ten steel house with a "carved-away" ridge that's geometrically...
Spring Ranch
Located in California’s Central Valley, this family retreat nestles amidst the grazing livestock of a thriving walnut farm.
El Caracol
Nestled in a Mediterranean pine forest at the confluence of two rivers in Lledó, Spain, is El Caracol, a rustic-modern domed holiday house that from afar,...
The Tent House
On Waiheke Island near Auckland, New Zealand, the Tent House sits among wetlands on a patch of undeveloped land.
The Shudio
The Shudio (part shed, part studio) was created by Seth and Melissa Hanley who also happen to be architects and co-founders of Design Blitz, an architecture...
River Garden Trail Residence
THE GOAL To create a showplace for a professional motorcycle racer to host fellow athletes.
3D Visualisation of a kitchen...
Custom Cat House
Award-winning minimalist design driven by clients’ unique pet-related...
Atrium Townhome
This townhome has a 32’ atrium with a skylight running the full width of the house.
Strikingly Minimal
The architects of two Czech studios, Mjölk and DDAANN, combined forces to design this unique 522 square foot space.
Beacon Hill
In Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, where space is tight and the cost of a home averages close to $1,000 per square foot, architect Chris Greenawalt of...
Ravenswood Residence
Architect John Ronan recast a former office building as a private home in a fast-evolving Chicago railroad corridor.
Sky House
When Vancouver-based architect Jesse Garlick was growing up, his family used to take him sailing.
New Grass Roots
When they want to escape the mayhem of city life in Chicago, Diane Pascal and Thomas Richie retreat to their low-profile getaway in Hennepin, Illinois, a town...
Mohawk House
We were delighted to be asked by the owners of this new 8,000 square foot house to design a “minimal and abstract” building.