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View Ridge Residence
This urban residence has a compact but open plan, with large windows at each corner framing views of Mt. Rainier, a vaulted atrium core, and a mix of walnut...
Wellfleet Modern
This modern green home offers both a vacation destination on Cape Cod near local family members and an opportunity for rental income.
House for a Mother & Daughter
The client specified three very specific requirements for her house: a simple building form; square windows; and a gable roof.
Ashworth Residence
A serene modern oasis on a small urban lot, the Ashworth House is a renovation and second-story addition over a cottage originally constructed in 1912.
The Ranchero
Nestled at the edge of a sub alpine meadow in the upper Methow Valley, the Ranchero is a base camp for year round outdoor adventure and a social hub for...
Gleason Lake Mid-Century
This Mid Century Modern home was originally built in 1948 by Thorshov & Cerny went through a masterful renovation by Peterssen/Keller Architecture shortly...
Huntington Harbor
This midcentury beauty in Huntington Harbor, California was completely remodeled and finished in 2016. The shell of this home alone was enough to inspire us. ...
Sonoma Wine Country I
Comprised of two perpendicular bars atop a hill overlooking the village of Healdsburg, this home offers both ample social space ideal for entertaining and the...
San Benito House
It is a lot in a residential area of a closed neighborhood belonging to Villanueva, whose characteristic is to have modified flooded low lands, creating...
The Barn Gallery
A waterfront guest house, showcasing sustainable design; designed to inspire and educate others to follow a sustainable design path.
Home on Telegraph Hill
This 8,000 sq. ft. family home sits at the very top of San Francisco’s famous Telegraph Hill overlooking the city’s bay views.
Veramendi House
This town house situated in the ancient town of Tacubaya (now in the heart of Mexico City), is the result of renovating an old building that had been subjected...
Forest House
Forest House, a project of much acclaim, recently won a 2017 design award from the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
The Butterfly House
The Butterfly House was designed by San Francisco-based architectural firm Feldman Architecture.
House P
The house for a family with a child was completed in 2010 and is located on a busy street in a residential area of the city of Paderborn.
Shou Sugi Ban House
Enlarging an existing home that has an already strong and complete architectural character can be challenging.
Berazategui House
It is a lot in a new closed district, with a young vegetation and very few buildings, so that the house had to be conceived lacking of all data provided by an...
Casa Marrakech
Designed and built by Bercy Chen Studio, Casa Marrakech responds to the lifestyle of its inhabitants within the fabric and culture of East Austin through...
S&S House
Costa Esmeralda is a private venture on the dunes of the coast of Buenos Aires, 390 km from the city of Buenos Aires.
Torcuato House Pavilion
It arises from the principals’ need to have an enclosure where they can be isolated from the activity of the house, and then facilitate the development of...
Spring Ranch
Located in California’s Central Valley, this family retreat nestles amidst the grazing livestock of a thriving walnut farm.
Aranzazu House
It is a corner lot in a closed neighborhood founded in 1968, with an important afforestation, to which the years have added an incalculable value.
Modern Cigar Room
Indianapolis homeowners tasked Chris Short, Principal Architect at HAUS | Architecture for Modern Lifestyles, to create a cigar room addition to their existing...
Wein House
Costa Esmeralda is a real estate development over the dunes on the coast, 390 km from Buenos Aires.
Alder Residence
Rick Sundberg’s Seattle residence highlights the architect’s explorations into materiality and the creation of highly sophisticated, yet functional, spaces.
Leesburg House
The client’s one stipulation for this project was the use of the Penstar Concrete Form Masonry Unit (CFMU) building system.
Pilot Cove : Forest Lodging
Directly bordering the vast Pisgah National Forest, Pilot Cove offers a hospitality experience unlike anything existing in Western North Carolina or the...
View House
Situated at the confluence of two well traveled local streets, having a close adjacency to the constant drone of the 405 Freeway, and with captivating views of...
Canadian Cottage with a view
This stunning property is built using the BONE Structure technology.
Mulberry Point House
This oceanfront residence in Guilford, Connecticut, stands as an architectural model of efficiency and economy.
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