The client an advertising company commissioned us to design their new office on a newly acquired office space in Santiago, The Program required desk space for up to 16 people, a Meeting room, a Coffee bar, and a reception area, also it was required to incorpórate the company´s image of innovation and nature-oriented advertising into the Project.

The answer was to give privilege to the spectacular views of the Andes mountains and allocate all the working space near the facade, thus generating a continuous connection with the outside for all the staff. Etched Glass partitions divide the more private rooms with a White dot pattern that gives privacy while seated but still allows the view to cross to the outside, and even more while standing.

Most of the partitions act as Sliding doors allowing the space to be very flexible for hosting different meetings and activities that are typical of the work the client does.

The floating ceiling and lighting was resolved using pine wood planks separated 1cm between them and LED lighting tubes.

The desks and coffee bar were also custom designed using Steel, Formica, and Wood recycled from wine casks

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