The project consisted on designing a cover for a terrace for outdoor gatherings, at a 59 m2 backyard of a 90's residence, working as a transition between the outside and the inside, creating a new living space.

The wooden components were made of 20 cm camber and their orientation was adjusted to respond to the latitude of the Project site.

The design guarantees a mandatory partial shadow, allowing the cover to perform as an upwards window (aiming at the sky) and as a threshold to the garden.

The built cover is 59 m2 and it’s supported by 3 wooden pillars distributed on strategical spots of the area, working as a structural element and dividing spaces according to their functionality.

The reticular shape's purpose is to protect the area against the sunlight during the day, with the benefit of shadows generating different atmospheres as time goes by; granting, at night, a cozy mood due to the distribution of the building and the lighting design.

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Posted By
  • Dosa Studio
  • Marcos Betanzos
  • 2017