White Space in the White City

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
  • Type
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2017
  • Square Feet
  • 42
  • Bedrooms
  • 1
  • Full Baths
  • 1
  • This project page was created by community member YAEL PERRY | INTERIOR DESIGNER

    The 42 sqm skinny apartment, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, intended for a holiday home town for a family who likes to entertain guests has transformed by Interior designer Yael Perry into a minimalist white bright space.

    The apartment was renovated & include a bright living space, kitchen, one bedroom & a wide bathroom.

    The apartment, is long and narrow – the public space measurements is 11 metres in length and 3.3 metres in width.

    Pre-renovation, there was no storage place, no wardrobe in the bedroom & a tiny bathroom.

    The designer who wanted provide a sense of unique aesthetic, continuity, wide and brighter space, chose to design the apartment in one shade of colour - WHITE.
    The apartment’s floor was covered with a beautiful minimalistic white parquet, the walls were painted in extra white colour and all carpentry & furniture items were designed in white as well.

    The entrance: Pre-renovation, bathroom’s door was located in front of the apartment entrance. All internal walls were destroyed & a new entryway was created. a functional minimalist white closet was custom made for the new entryway & used for storage & a place for the washing machine.

    Modular living room:
    The new occupier requested to include some of her own furniture, including as , Parabel dining table by Eero Aarnio and four Kite chairs by Karim Rashid.

    The uniqueness of the furniture affected the project’s plan & the conceptual design of the project. The space was too narrow to accommodate a small living room and dining room furniture; therefore, the living room furniture is used for the dining area as well. The furniture can be moved around the living room space per the customer needs; for accommodation use, to watch TV and can be moved to the kitchen area. two shelves were hung on the living room wall for art books, magazines and artifacts.

    Kitchen: In order to create a functional kitchen with many storage space in this tiny apartment, the kitchen was placed along the apartment & Integrated electric appliances were placed in the kitchen cabinets in order to keep the kitchen narrow & minimal.

    An internal wall separating the living room from the bedroom was replaced with a custom made closet that can be used for both spaces. On the living room side, it provides a mounting surface for a flat-screen TV, while on the bedroom side it is used as a wardrobe.

    Bathroom: Minimalist, bright & wide bathroom was designed. The entire bathroom was covered with Carrara tiles & minimalist chrome taps were installed.