Omnia Studio Project

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Architect and interior designer: Anna Ivanova.
Photographer: Ivan Sorokin.

Stylist-decorator: Margarita Merezhnyuk.

End of construction: winter 2019-2020

Area: 70 m2

White interior - a new reading!

At the time of our meeting with the customer, it turned out that he had already begun to do the project, but their work with the designer did not work out. The customer came across our studio on the Internet, we met, talked and, as he was in a hurry to complete the project, he immediately ordered it from us.

After the acquaintance, work began on the stylistics of the interior, during which it became clear that the customer prefers a white interior and high-tech, loft and modern styles to approximately the same extent and he could not stop at one thing. Then it was decided not to be limited to one style and to fully reflect the individuality of the customer, combining elements of different directions.

The white interior for the designer is a very difficult task, because to make it white and get into this white shade everywhere is almost impossible - the texture of the wall, furniture, doors, baseboards in a single white color almost never works. So we tried not to get directly into shades, and at some points, introduce contrasts and separation of these shades to make the interior look modern.

In addition, we had a very interesting customer — a bright personality and a very busy work schedule — he often flies to work, he loves it very much and asked to use the theme of flights in the interior. Therefore, the composition with a picture, console and stools in the loft style is completed by three wooden propellers, which we made to order in a furniture workshop.

As for the layout, we had to work with it, since it was originally non-standard. There was an acute angle in the bedroom, which the architecture of the house asked us. In order for this corner not to interfere with perception and the bedroom space would look more rectangular, we installed a wardrobe, the shape of which cuts into the canvas of the mirror.

For the rest, they tried to create a harmonious layout: they zoned the kitchen with the island and the living room into a whole space. In the hallway provided a small dressing room and utility closet. They placed a washing machine and everything necessary in the house in the closet, and closed it with a hidden door, which visually looks like part of the wall.

Factories used in the interior:

Custom-made furniture

Furniture company "Gerwood"

Kitchen-living room:

custom-made furniture

Furniture company "Gerwood"


custom-made furniture

Furniture company "Gerwood"


custom-made furniture

Furniture company "Gerwood"


custom-made furniture

Furniture company "Gerwood"

Decor: Teak house, Casa intera

Bedding: Deep Sleep

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