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Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain
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Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle vibe of a city, or the endless pings from your work phone (which you brought "just in case" but now regret), or even the scenery. The VIVOOD Landscape Hotel in Spain wants to change all that and empower you to really be away for your vacation.

The modular architecture of the hotel allows travelers to completely immerse themselves in their surroundings in a modern way that still feels elevated (no pun intended) from your usual hotel stay.

While the VIVOOD can’t turn off your phone (that’s your responsibility), it can set you up to enjoy a sustainable accommodation in an architectural hotel that blends into the landscape of the Valley of Guadalest. Designed by architect Daniel Mayo and a team of fellow architects and designers, the VIVOOD features 25 independent suites that seeks to promote tranquility, relaxation, and a connection with the nature. Each suite includes at least 1,500 square meters of land to provide a sense of isolation.

An infinity pool and private outdoor hot tubs provide panoramic views of the valley. The pools are also lined in black so that they reflect their surroundings, like mirrors.

The landscaping on the property utilizes local plants and trees to extend that relationship between nature and civilization, landscape and structure. Sustainable materials were used to build the accommodations (mainly wood and black Viroc).

The modular suites continue to provide guests with direct contact with the surroundings using huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Privacy is upheld as each unit can only be accessed from the back.

Ambient lighting is provided throughout the grounds but cause no light pollution or infringement on the environment. An upscale restaurant and lounge bar are also available for guests to enjoy.


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