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The Vanke Cloud Valley Project is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, close to the Guangzhou South Railway Station. The design began four months before the opening of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hongkong high-speed railway. It is a five-story model building among the many new office buildings in the zone. We are responsible for the interior design of four floors, namely the basement floor and the first, fourth and fifth floors above ground.

At the beginning of the design, the owner proposed to design a “new office space with a sense of the future.”. But what is the sense of the future? When we communicated with the owners on this topic, our ideas became more and more consistent. The "Sense of the future" is not the novelty and cool of technology, but the design of space - the creation of spatial touch, the atmosphere of ecology and freedom.

So in the space design, try to break the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces, and let the inner and outer space scenes communicate with each other. The basement floor is the space for discussion and the outdoors is a sunken courtyard. The use of large glass panels brings the courtyard landscape indoors. The staircase leading to the lobby is designed as a large staircase that opens to the courtyard, where you can stay, relax and enjoy the view of the courtyard and the changes in light and shadow. On the fourth and fifth floors, we designed a two-story roof lighting atrium going through the two stories with reference to the courtyard space from the Lingnan Architecture – the skylight flows down from the top, spreads over the landscape tree on the atrium of the fourth floor, and overflows in the space, creating an illusion that the interior is like an outdoor courtyard.

In terms of materials processing, wood and terrazzo with natural texture are selected. The white plastered walls and brown wooden floors and window frames on the fourth and fifth floors are perfectly matched with the greenery of the atrium, creating a comfortable and cozy office atmosphere. The basement floor and the first floor are mainly spaces for communication and display and have a strong public nature. Therefore, a large number of anodized aluminum plate is used on the wall surfaces. The blurred and polished anodized aluminum materials on the surface can create a sense of the future similar to mirror finished stainless steel, however, it is not so cold as that, but a little humane warm feeling. In addition, the makeup of the wood provides the space with a warm and comfortable feeling.

In the design of the indoor installations, we work with professional galleries and customize them based on the design concept. In the design, ecology and nature are again taken as the theme. The texture of the material is similar to that of the interior material, which makes the interior space overall and pure.

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