wonder if you might be interested in running a story on some of the current trends in the urban residential landscape. This recently completed project incorporates a number of popular elements including the following:

-Outdoor sauna

-Outdoor shower, water efficiently drains to water plants

-upper patio boarded with edibles: blueberry hedge, lemons, cherries, apples.

-upper deck suspended planters incorporate garden to top floor.

-Lower deck has walk-in closet

-porch swing suspended from overhanging upper deck turning that obstacle into an asset.

-low maintenance artificial turf entertainment/play space.

-A slide access lowest terrace play space, making efficient use of otherwise wasted space.

-Lowest terrace is temporarily surfaced with inexpensive foam cushion play tiles over a compacted base rock which will be easily surfaced with another appropriate material when the kids grow. Possibly a hot tub sunk into a deck.

-Western red cedar construction offers a welcomed change from the overused redwood.

-Acid stain concrete with hard trowel finish provides a unique finish.

-Rather than try and change the environment I use plants adapted to the existing conditions ( soil, wind etc. )

-As much as possible I incorporate preexisting elements into the new design. It’s worth the challenge to consider these options first. Best for mind, budget, environment and spirit. We pulled back the curtain of overgrown olive trees to expose majestic views of the pacific while keeping the trees to provide a comfortable sense of permanence.

I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this or other projects that might fit the interests of you readers.

Terry Mulrooney


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Modern home with Exterior. Photo  of Urban escape
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