Bedroom, Lamps, Bed, Ceiling Lighting, Accent Lighting, Wall Lighting, Pendant Lighting, and Table Lighting The downstairs bedroom at The Sursy GandyHouse with a very on-brand green wall and incredibly comfortable textiles.

Meet The Makers:
MATTRESS / The Sage Bed (Denver, CO)
SLEEPING PILLOWS / Avocado (Hoboken, NJ)
DECORATIVE PILLOWS / Piper Collection (Charlotte, NC)
BED LINENS / Sheets & Giggles (Denver, CO)
NIGHT STAND LAMP / Onefortythree (Henderson, NV)
DENVER FIELD GUIDE / Wildsam (Austin, TX)
HER XVII / Meredith Steele Art (Denver, CO)  The Sursy GandyHouse by The Sursy