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Heavy oak timbers and rigid steel and oak stair case.  Again, I like layering textures and color contrasts for dramatic effect.  With exception to the red drum, the only color of this space is the oak itself.  The floors and ceiling are oak including the large square opening.  However the oak timbers used in the opening have been tanned in the sun for several months longer than the rest of the oak used throughout the home.  Tanning oak will turn it gray.  I chose to use the gray patina surface in this spot to provide a transition from the black walls to the lighter oak stairs.  The gray seems to add dimension - leading you in towards the steps.  Cultivating the oak patina using sunshine and careful rotation of the sides facing the sun, has allowed the lighter colored staircase to "pop" against the black background.  Eventually, all of the oak in the home will silver and gray.  It will take some time, but you can accelerate that process without "fuming" and "staining" by you use of water and sunshine.  The process is highly labor intensive and requires great care.  Wood will need to be wet and rotated several times daily and exposed to the sun.  Rotation will reduce cupping of the wood.  Oak (white, red, black oak) will all turn silver then various shades of dark gray.  Pine, Fir, and Hemlock will all turn golden at first, then slowly into amber browns.  The Lodge by Alpha Genesis
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