This is a home for a busy family of four. Both parents work and a college age daughter in and out of the house weekly plus a busy high school age daughter living in the house. A Golden Doodle and two cats for sure add to the energy level of the family in this 2600 sq.ft. house. The home owner who is an interior designer has a passion for bubbles, or circles, to be less exact. She incorporated the shapes of bubbles into her design and solved the lighting issues in the staircase and the kids' bathroom. The result is a comfortable and pleasant home for the family for the years to come.

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Both daughters are horse riders and have passion in horses. This painting of a dapple gray horse is their be loved Thorough bred horse, River.

The circle holes in the wall were first meant to be aesthetic but they also serve the home owners' need to bring in sun light to the star case.

With the passion in bubbles the home owner/designer searched for bubbles tiles and installed them in the kids' bathroom floor with black hexagon tiles as background.

The bubble tiles extend to the shower stall floor and to the wall to demonstrate the rising bubbles.

Bubble bathroom

The designer used circle ottomans in different colors with different textures to add to the relatively large living room. They add the dynamic to the living room

The blue couch in living room is a good contrast to the dark gray wall and the colorful ottomans.

Bubble tiles in close view

The bubble circles in the wall between living room and stair case bring in natural sun light to the stair case.

Home owners collect art work over the years from different cities and the living room and dining room serve as a gallery for those art.

Floor lamp in living room is a good match to the theme as well

Lighting in dining room and bubble mirror in dining room match the bubbles theme.

Dining room

Powder room with dark gray wall and silver circle pattern make the small powder room seem big.

The home owners like to have a calm and quiet bedroom. The dark gray wall color provides exact that. White feather pendent and feather shawl with pillows contrast the dark gray wall and add comfort and coziness to the room.

Some art collections brighten the interior space

Dark gray exterior color with white trims make the house stand out in this colonial style residential neighborhood. Glass wall art were made by Wolf Art Glass.

The colorful art glass highlights the front porch. Created by Wolf Art Glass

Front yard


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