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Gómez Crespo Arquitectos | Arquitecto: Federico Gómez Crespo
Vieyra Arquitectos
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Pedro Sánchez Paisajismo
Gaxiola Arquitectos
Jaime Navarro

From Vieyra Arquitectos

Interior design project in a residence west of Mexico City. The intervention of Vieyra Arquitectos complements the architectural project by means of the choice of materials, colors, finishes and textures providing a unique character.

a balance between the aesthetic and functional that was achieved through the selection of furniture and decoration in which each piece has an intention to experience the spaces.

Responding to the needs of the clients, warm spaces were created, the elegance of contemporary design was combined
The furniture is chosen and strategically designed according to the needs and personality of the client, which ends up defining each of the interior spaces.

Art becomes one of the main elements of design, which together with the contemporary elegance of interior design, achieve unique spaces.

Natural light played an important role in the composition of a comfortable, elegant and friendly space in combination with the palette of neutral colors.