A poorly planned and closed-in two-bedroom/ two-bathroom apartment was transformed into a flexible and spacious three-bedroom / three-bathroom, two story SOMA Loft – in order to keep pace with a family’s growing needs in San Francisco. Through the careful use of transparency, dynamic furnishings and fold-away walls the space is opened up to breath light deep into the apartment, allowing all the rooms to share the dramatic views of the Bay and Bridge.

The unified expression is conceived as neutral shell with insertions of distinctly sophisticated, high performance elements with a rich yet understated materiality: Eramosa limestone in the master bath, walls of pickled white oak, and a two story Knoll textile clad storage cabinetry wall, create an airy interlocking space that is made private by a system hidden blinds responding to the owners need to divide the space visually.

Radiant hydronic ceilings provide comfort throughout, while beds fold out of walls to create a guest room by dividing the spacious living room -requiring every surface to participate in the architecture to contain light, and seamlessly absorb program.

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