Serenbe House

Palmetto, Georgia
  • Palmetto, Georgia
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    The settlement of Serenbe is a new community where all aspects of its design are based on the principles of environmental sustainability. The house is built to EarthCraft House Program standards, which include energy efficiency, water conservation and resource-efficient building materials and systems. In order to harvest rainwater for onsite irrigation, an inclined butterfly roof drains water through a central scupper along a 14’ cantilevered trough which spills into a retention pond below the home. During rainfall, the trough creates a plume of falling water, resulting in an experiential event.

    As required by local covenant, the home is situated only 25 feet from the street, and includes a deep porch from which the inhabitants interact with their neighbors. The porch is reached by an elevated footbridge that both draws in visitors yet maintains a form of separation for the home.

    Photo Courtesy of Turkel Design
    Photo Courtesy of Turkel Design
    Photo Courtesy of Turkel Design
    Photo Courtesy of Turkel Design
    Photo Courtesy of Turkel Design
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