With an architectural simplicity that highlights the textures and colors of its raw wood board cladding, this 1,238-square-foot, three-bedroom vacation villa is proof that less can certainly be more.

Located in Noto, a commune in the Sicilian province of Syracuse, this villa rests on a gentle sloping plot in the Italian countryside. The front portion of the villa is raised a few feet off the ground and is supported by three concrete structures—so from the inside, guests can enjoy views of the sea from a distance.

Available for rent through Boutique Homes, the villa is ideal for couples looking to unplug, unwind, and reconnect.

Designed by Italian architect Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, the villa’s intelligent design creates an aesthetic that's effortlessly modern and organic.

Conceived as two separate structures and residences, the units slide on tracks so the interior spaces can either be completely shut or opened like a matchbox—closing or revealing an expansive metal grate terrace that looks out to the sea.

The cantilevered structure has an exterior that appears smooth and lightweight, and light-filled interiors that are minimally decorated.

The interior walls and windows are whitewashed, which gives the space a clean, pure, Zen-like appeal.

The bright and airy, neutral-colored bedrooms have a pared-down, almost monastic quality that encourages daydreaming and contemplation.

Well-considered vintage furniture and contemporary pieces combine with glossy concrete and polished wooden floors to evoke a stylish yet utilitarian composition.

Modern home with Exterior, House Building Type, Cabin Building Type, Wood Siding Material, and Shed RoofLine. Photo  of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Outdoor and Slope. Photo 2 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Hardscapes, Side Yard, and Metal Fences, Wall. Photo 3 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Trees, Shrubs, Hardscapes, Metal Fences, Wall, and Front Yard. Photo 4 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Side Yard and Metal Patio, Porch, Deck. Photo 5 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Kitchen, White Cabinet, Concrete Floor, Pendant Lighting, Cooktops, and Drop In Sink. Photo 6 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Living Room, Chair, Bookcase, and Concrete Floor. Photo 7 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Bedroom, Bed, Wall Lighting, Night Stands, and Concrete Floor. Photo 8 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Hallway and Dark Hardwood Floor. Photo 9 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Bedroom, Wall Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Bed. Photo 10 of Sea View Villa
Modern home with Outdoor, Side Yard, Trees, Hardscapes, and Shrubs. Photo 11 of Sea View Villa


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