Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

Santani, is the first wellness resort in Sri Lanka and was selected as one of the Best New Hotels of the World by Travel+Leisure. Santani is one of the most energy efficient hotels of the world with no air-conditioning (which consumes about 70% of energy use at any hotel), almost 90% of timber (both structural and furniture) being recycled or up cycled.
Santani is also the first resort in the world to incorporate concepts of wellness in to its architecture. As an example, the rooms are conceptually designed based on caves with only one outside opening in the front and no windows. This cuts off peripheral distractions and allows the guests a focused view that helps them slow their minds similar to the effect sought by meditating monks from a cave.

Santani was inspired by the words of Juhani "Pallasmaa" - "All great art evokes and experience of silence. The silence of art is not a mere absence of noise but a silence that awakes a mental and sensory awareness that connects us with the benevolent tranquility of the universe". Santani has given true justice to these words.

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Spa - Thermal Salt Bath

Balcony opening up to the great outdoors

Spa corridor with the Thermal Bath

Infinity Pool

Spa relaxation area - whole spa is open to the nature that surrounds it

Spa Entrance

Main lobby

Outside view of the lobby and restaurant

Overview with the lobby on left, pool in the middle and some rooms to the far right

Floating on air Restaurant

Individual rooms perched on stilts overlooking the valley

Outdoor pool

Sauna with a glass window to the nature

Entrance to the lobby