Sand and Clay - The Fusion of Simplistic Beauty


Sand and Clay — The Fusion of Simplistic Beauty

The crystalline beauty of glass and the delicate sensibilities of porcelain brought together in stunning simplicity.

This is the work of Japanese artisan Misa Tanaka from Kyoto, who has forged the best of both worlds. We are incredibly excited to showcase her works here on Japan Suite. We met with Tanaka-san on our last trip to Japan and had a very enjoyable time learning about her life, her work and her vision. Her creations beautifully illustrate this delicate balance between softness and strength.

Tanaka-san began as a glass artist, but also had a close friend who was working in ceramics whose work she admired. She began thinking about fusing the two processes together. She learned that she could use the same kiln for glass and porcelain — and then built a small kiln and prefab housing in her parent’s yard to further her work and learnings.

She begins by shaping the ceramic portion of the work by a hand-wheel, then she creates a mold for the glass part. She melds the two creations tightly together, and  finishes the process by sanding and polishing.

Tanaka-san has had to move around Japan several times due to her husband’s successful career, but has kept her kiln in Kyoto and travels there regularly to create her beautiful pieces. We were impressed by Tanaka-san’s character, which exudes a subtle humility with great inner strength.

She works in multiple colors of glass, and we would be happy to arrange the color of your choice to fit what you desire. We hope you are as impressed by her unique and beautiful creations as we are.

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