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Vaz/Obervaz, Grisons, Switzerland
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With 96 prefab modular rooms stacked on top of each other like building blocks, the Revier Mountain Lodge provides one spectacular alpine setting.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the elegant and streamlined design for the Revier Mountain Lodge by Swiss architectural firm Carlos Martinez Architekten was actually inspired by the idea of a Volkswagen bus.

Housing 96 prefab units and one breathtaking setting, the lodge merges the feeling of a mountain chalet with the spirit of a camper van. More so, the 161-square-foot rooms feature giant windows that overlook the striking Heidisee Lake—much like a "VW bus parked at the edge of a lake."

The two angled elements of the building follow the shoreline of the Heidisee Lake.

The ceilings, floors, and walls of the rooms are constructed from natural, unfinished plywood.

The individual modules are emphasized by metal siding; the rest of the building has been constructed from vertical slats of rough-cut, untreated larch.

The metal façade of the foundation creates a patterned surface.

The geometric patterns on the backside of the hotel.


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