Located on 200 decares of land, it is a tourism complex project consisting of hotel, villas, restaurant, heliport, pond, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and open spaces. There is a pond with an area of 26.600 m2 located in the center with the villas surrounding it. Designed in 3 different type, the villas are varied as two-stored and three-storied. Having a pond and mountain view, the villas are organized in the way to be served from the central building. The hotel structure has total 9 floors consisting of ground floor, mezzanine floor, floor for fittings, 4 floors for the rooms and the penthouse. The ball room is located behind the hotel structure. Local materials and motifs are used for the design of the facade. The basement of the hotel building features the main restaurants and the spa. Besides it is directly connected with the swimming pool. A view terrace and a restaurant is projected across the valley where the project is located. The connection of this structure with the hotel block is provided by a cable car line. A reservoir has been made in the valley to collect water and the pond allow all types of water sports. The second phase of the project involves a golf course with 18 holes. The water need of the facilities, which also include a wood club building, is provided from the main pond. The heating and colling of the entire facilities is provided by geothermal heating pumps.

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  • Hotel
  • Year
  • 2013