Valspar’s Cool Slate Gray Roof Coating Protects a Ponte Verda Private Residence From Ocean Elements

Located a mere three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, this expansive 7,500 square-foot residence in Ponte Vedra, FL needed superior protection from the sea’s corrosive elements without compromising aesthetics. The homeowner had two requirements for the architect: the home had to be of shingle-style design and it had to have a metal roof.

Their architect, William Jaycox, of Jaycox Architects & Associates in Jacksonville, FL, happily complied. The home’s shingle-style design is a sophisticated mix of architectural forms, a generous color scheme and refined details that, collectively, project a casual, welcoming air. Its much-desired metal roof is clad in Valspar’s Fluropon®, a high-performing architectural coating, in Cool Slate Gray that complements the warm golden-brown shingle siding.

The single-story home, with the children’s bedrooms in the attic, is defined by a complex roof design with numerous steeply pitched sections, multiple dormers of different scale, and even a fanciful lookout perch for ocean views. In total, it required approximately 12,000 square-feet of Petersen Aluminum’s Snap-Clad panels. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Petersen Aluminum’s .040” Snap-Clad aluminum panel system, in Cool Slate Gray, was meticulously cut and fitted with striking results.

The project required significant attention to detail in both aligning the many ridges of the panel system, and to securing water tightness given the many angles and planes of the roof design.

“In northern Florida metal is an ideal solution that has great architectural character and authenticity,” stated Jaycox. “You can put on a hurricane rated, coated, aluminum roof that is basically impenetrable to the salt. It is a great product and a great resource for us architects.”

Valspar’s Fluropon in Cool Slate Gray is a low gloss, 70 percent PVDF architectural coating. With high-performance ratings, Fluropon provides outstanding protection against the elements including ultraviolet rays, dirt and stains, chalk and fade and chemical degradation. It is also notable for its flexibility and formability in the application process, and it has superior color retention.

Valspar has long been committed to limiting the environmental impact of its coatings. When applied to metal roofing systems, Fluropon reflects the sun’s heat rather than it being absorbed by the building. This performance contributes to energy savings and increases occupant comfort.

“I would consider it a lifetime roof,” said Jaycox. “You can hardly get that kind of durability from a roofing system. We want our projects to be around 100 years from now, so we take great care in the selection and detailing of products.”

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