Building homes for the last thirty years. I build in Ashland Oregon, by myself mostly.

I finally built a cool beach home in Morro Bay California.

This one was built entirely be me, except the stucco.

I wrote a story about building it, that became more about the haunted Motel I was staying in.

I was going to submit some pictures to Dwell Magazine.

A long time ago I was inspired by DWELL, but it seems bigger, bigger homes were featured.

I like this 480 Square Feet size; one bedroom, six foot bath, thirteen feet ceilings, and someday 12 solar panels that I will install myself.

A smal excerpt from my book:

A cottage for one:

Pattern Language planted a seed inside of me that became my own personal religion, a quest, a high bar, and a way of life that I didn’t really live fully, yet I tried and got close.

Thirty years ago in my twenties, dad gave me a book written by Berzerkly guys like him; idealists, counter-culture socialists reacting to the ills of capitalism yet still embarking onto the American dream of building owns own home, the thousand independent regions instead of borders and walls and coldness of heart. Somehow the 253 Patterns opened up deep fire inside of me, I became emboldened, blazed a trail in the construction world of building thirty homes by my own hand.

But what really happened was I became my own worst enemy, I lived a life unexamined, selling to realtors, creating subdivisions, yet I was aware of the pitfalls of society the whole time because I was a disciple of the book; underlined it, and tried to explain it to dead ears; read it at a city council meeting, showed it to my banker, and made seven homes one year instead of fourteen, made a creek and three ponds instead of more useless homes. Some of it worked and some of it didn’t. Mostly it was a financial fail, but somehow it led to a simpler life.

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