Designed by the architect Samuel Kruchin and his team from the KRUCHIN Architecture office, the "Praça Pamplona" complex is a new multipurpose complex located in an area of ​​36,000 m² in the neighborhood of Bela Vista, just two blocks from Avenida Paulista.

The project brings together four innovative spaces that combine technology and knowledge, blending public and private areas. The Brookfield development will include a commercial tower, a digital theater (planetarium) and a research center of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, as well as a mansion and a grove associated with a lively square.

"The overall conception of the project was a great challenge: we studied buildings of different uses on the same terrain and found a language common to them, as well as maintaining in the same complex a well-listed property. The concept of the project sought a contemporary language architecture allied to the preservation of the memory of the city, "says Aline Stievano, architect of the KRUCHIN Architecture office and who also stood in front of Pamplona Square.

The restoration of this Casarão of the early twentieth century, realized by the architect Samuel Kruchin, won the 2014 Master Real Estate prize in the Professional category - Preservation of Historical Heritage. The award is one of the most important in the sector and consecrates ongoing ventures and projects that are differentiated by innovative strategies in several areas. The site will have the original elements reconstituted, and the interventions that have discharged it over time, totally eliminated. The space will house a cultural and social center of scientific development.

Relationship between the public and private
The buildings of "Plaza Pamplona" will be interconnected by a central axis that crosses the whole complex connecting the two urban roads that delimit it (Pamplona Street and Silvia Street) towards a belvedere located under the commercial tower. A living space with mirrors of water and living area and another with wood restoring the original garden are elements that reinforce the integration of the buildings of the complex, one of the concerns of the project. In this way, the project presents a relationship in the public and private.


The commercial building, with 22 floors and 364 rooms, is at the same time a focal point and backdrop for the set and main agent of integration between the square and the elements that make up the project.


Research Center and Digital Theater

The Research Center will be the headquarters of the Institute of Theoretical Physics (IFT) with auditorium, classrooms and study. Digital theater has innovative forms and high technology materials. Designed as a membrane that sends the shells to a nursery of stars, it has a hemispherical dome for projection 360 degrees, resembling a planetarium, and will be a multipurpose space for exhibitions, various events and lectures.

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  • Daniel Ducci