ÖÖD Hotel & SPA development in Estonia

ÖÖD is a module based hotel complex, which includes a hotel room, sauna / spa , reception / lobby, lounge / restaurant.

ÖÖD allows anyone to jumpstart their hospitality business. By ordering ÖÖD model hotel rooms hosts can design their own hospitality complex starting with the number of houses (hotel rooms) with combining common areas such as saunas, outdoor kitchens, fitness rooms, reception desks, cafeterias all designed in the distinctive reflective style to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

ÖÖD is currently developing following modules:
• ÖÖD sauna;

• ÖÖD cafe;

• ÖÖD suite (double decker building);

• ÖÖD reception concept.

Additional information:

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