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Oak Lane Residence

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet


Scott Frances

From Dillon Kyle Architects

The homeowners’ appreciation for mid-century modern architecture allowed us to create a residence whose modest appearance belies its large size. Keeping the profile long and low — in other words, building outwards rather than upwards — we effectively managed the scale of the brick house without compromising on its spacious, 8,300-square-foot floor plan. Requiring both precision design and quality construction, many of the custom features in the home were inspired by the client’s business: shipbuilding. By using classic modernist materials in surprising ways, we made the house not just a collection of rooms, but a series of experiences. Sheets of stainless steel are curved to “embrace” visitors at the entry to the home; polished concrete floors convey the adventuresome atmosphere found in an art gallery; walnut paneling gives a stateroom-like feel to the study.