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  • This project page was created by community member Michelle Boudreau

    A Project of Passion: The beloved restoration of a Mid Century Alexander home.

    As an enthusiast of Mid century modern design, my aspiration was to give life to the original design intentions of the home and modernize it with unique details and personal perspectives. The modernist features of the property were largely untouched by the original owner, though great care and attention were needed to revitalize the house with today’s contemporary standards. The original Krisel plan has been highly honored and retained, including an expansion to create a large bedroom + lounge, framing the mountain view around the pool and spa. I’ve carefully re-crafted the interior to flow with the original Krisel plan. Large windows and open sliders have been added to allow natural light to fill every room, enhancing the indoor | outdoor living experience, and making an intentional connection to the desert landscape. Using a thoughtful mix of vintage and modern pieces, combined with a thematic design approach to each room, I have created a fresh and energizing interior of function and beauty.

    I am an interior designer living and working between Los Angeles + Palm Springs. My work is largely influenced by my 20-year international career in the design industry. With each new project comes inspiration through music and art, and, of course, the sunny California lifestyle in which I live and embrace.

    I create a playlist for each project that helps inspires the mood of the design.

    Please enjoy a few of the sunny beats!


    I am passionate about creating environments that tell a visual story and take you on an emotional journey or fun adventure. If you wish to learn a bit more, please visit my website: michelleboudreaudesign.com


    MICHELLE BOUDREAU DESIGN | hello@michelleboudreaudesign.com | 415.471. 4818