If you are looking to invest in a villa, or are lucky enough to already own one, and want an idea of the cutting-edge trends, then look no further. Today, I’ll take you through five of my favorite modern villa designs.

In contrast to more traditional villas, these ones incorporate the latest design features. This means extensive use of glass in order to make the most of the surrounding landscape, and contemporary living spaces which are custom made for a modern lifestyle.

1. Hudson Woods, Lang Architecture

This stunning villa is located in Kerhonkson, New York, and really makes the most of the forests, meadows and mountains that surround it. If your idea of a villa is a sun-drenched pad next to the beach, then think again – even in temperate NY State, it’s possible to really enjoy the landscape.

Of particular note here are the huge windows which dominate one end of the living space, and look out over the pool. Ringed by lush woods, the openness of this villa really breaks down the boundary between interior and exterior space.

2. Small Villas in Sweden

One of the most prominent trends in modern villas today is this kind of Scandinavian design. This villa is a great example – smaller than most, it still manages to make the absolute most of limited space by cleverly combining several rooms into one.

In addition, the sleek Scandinavian furnishings in this space, which themselves incorporate clever space-saving devices, make this kind of villa very adaptable. Whether you want to live in your villa for extended periods, or just use it for occasional parties, this kind of design works around you.

3. Cedar Wood House, Turnball Griffin Haesloop Architects

Another big trend in recent years has been the resurgence of wood as both a structural and decorative material. This house is a great example of this, using wood from the local forests in both capacities, and therefore really blending into its surroundings.

A word of warning, however – use bright, light wood. Building or cladding a modern villa in dark wood can mean that your interior feels correspondingly dark. It also looks a bit dated nowadays, resembling the log cabins that were popular in the 1970s.

4. Villa Allegra, Miami, by Oppenheim Architecture

This is a more classical design for a villa, located on Miami Beach. It makes the most of the almost-tropical location by offering clean, cool interior spaces. Even the outdoor spaces are cleverly designed to be shaded during the heat of the day but still catch the glorious morning and evening sun.

Like a lot of good modern villas, this one makes extensive use of wood, incorporating this into minimal designs that let the beauty of the material speak for itself. Combined with a few choice pieces of modern art, this makes the interiors a cut above the average Miami Beach villa.

5. Rivendell by IDMM Architects, South Korea

This is a villa for those who enjoy the most modern of architecture. Built on a huge plot, and composed almost entirely of concrete, it nonetheless manages to feel cosy and warm. This is partly because the architects have been careful in the positioning of the various wings of the building, creating a series of interlocked exterior spaces.

In addition, this kind of design works very well in both hot and cold climates, the minimal lines allowing you to accent the building with your own furnishings and giving a clean, cool look to the villa.

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