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Miami Freehand


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Miami Freehand

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We don’t tend to place an enormous amount of importance on fine linguistic distinctions. Why get caught up in arguing about whether Freehand Miami is a high-end hostel or a back-to-basics boutique hotel when you could be out there enjoying the place instead? It’s probably enough simply to mention that it’s possible to see it both ways — though it’s surrounded by stratospherically luxurious South Beach hotels, Freehand is in most anyone’s league when it comes to funky style and fun atmosphere, and at a fraction of the price.

Which is where the “hostel” bit comes in.The service is minimal by Miami Beach boutique standards, but certainly not unwelcoming. Picture an accessibly priced youth-focused boutique hotel, and add some shared rooms to the private Kings, Suites and Bungalows. There’s even a Private Quad option, for touring bands or close friends who can’t bear to sleep apart. Essentially, it’s only a hostel if you want it to be — and here we should note that only the private hotel-style rooms are available via Tablet.

Anyway we should be so lucky to live in a world where hostels are designed by Roman & Williams, the New York firm that’s quickly becoming the standard bearers for the new boutique eclecticism. You’ll have access to a number of shared spaces, from the pool and lobby lounge to the Broken Shaker, a cocktail bar that’s suitably inventive to earn a James Beard award, and a restaurant, 27, that incorporates Caribbean and Jewish flavors into its eclectic-yet-accessible menu.

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