Projected on a bay which reflects the specific geographical character of Bodrum, the holiday complex is planned on an area of 300.000 m2. The basis of the project is to preserve the existing natural beauties and creating a design in harmony with such beauties. The design reflects the local architectural approach as well as the changing tourism approach. Located on a valley, the land inclines towards the south and it is divided into two equal parts by the stream bed. Targeting A++ customer group, the project foresees a reception featured as a view terrace overlooking the panorama, which consists of independent small units located within the top cover rather than usual closed areas. The individual buildings located parallel with the slope lines of the land are restricted with two floors. The individual and common swimming pools within the land are planned in the way to function with sea water. Besides, renewable energies have been used by means of geothermal air pumps placed on the base of the swimming pools. In addition, a compost land have been planned outside the project area for using food waste as fertilizer. Use of gray water has been targeted for the irrigation of the area. An efficient functioning of the facilities at different densities have been foreseen by means of flexible plan solutions.

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  • Hotel
  • Year
  • 2014