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Little Albion Guest House


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Little Albion Guest House

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For years the line on Surry Hills was that it was a hip residential neighborhood with more one-off shops and independent art galleries than hotels. Come to think of it, that’s still largely the case, but a hotel like the Little Albion Guest House will go a long way towards opening the inner suburbs to travelers who’d normally be coming from locations more central. “Guest house” undersells it a little bit — though it’s charmingly homey in atmosphere, this is a proper boutique hotel, with style and comforts that few apartment-shares can match.

It’s an eclectic look, combining elements of Art Deco and Bauhaus with some Seventies styling and a fair bit of unmistakably contemporary design as well, and it’s a marriage of a listed landmark building and a brand-new structure. The 35 rooms are eminently Instagrammable but they’re also pleasing in an immediate way, with luxe little details like electric kettles and Japanese tea sets, and Molton Brown bath products in the impressive tile-and-marble bathrooms.

While the Crash Pads and the Cosy rooms are indeed as compact as they sound, the larger options get luxurious in a hurry. The Big Albion, with its Gothic windows, is the signature suite, and it’s among the best in town. Add a lounge, a rooftop deck, and an expert staff and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some impressive hospitality, and a fine welcome to Surry Hills.

Text Courtesy of Tablet Hotels