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Lake Waxahachie Home


Interior Design
Landscape Design
Mark Odom

From Mark Odom Studio

Mark Odom Studio was challenger with creating an atypical, modern home that would be unlike any place the owner had previously lived. Their honesty of place and quality of lifestyle gave Mark Odom Studio's team an opportunity to create a structure that was well-suited to its environment while architecturally challenging the very idea of “house.”

The cultural background of both homeowners called for deep country roots and a designated place for family gatherings—which Mark Odom Studio made sure to respect and honor in space, form and material. Their needs also called for separation of interior rooms for some level of privacy while maintaining an open floor plan with views to the exterior.

The interior space, while expressive in structure, maintained its simplicity, comfort, and connection with the outside. Opportunities to see both the lake and the landscaped surroundings from multiple rooms and balconies throughout the day gave the owner's reason to circulate around the house to take best advantage of the changing light and views. Natural light fills the space throughout the day, enhanced by a diamond plaster finish on interior walls and ceilings and parallels the idea of minimalism through material.