With a location and privileged view of the lake. The interior design project unifies and integrates the spaces, creating unique spaces in each of them.

The house is planned to receive up to 30 guests, or only the family of 5; therefore, furniture plays an important role in achieving spatial versatility. The bedrooms accommodate up to 6 people, without losing the scale and the spatial warmth. The common interior space is integrated with the terrace, managing to increase the capacity of people to double without losing the coexistence between them.

A palette of natural materials is chosen with which to play with different uses, formats and presentations of these in each of the spaces. It is played with the naturalness of the stone, the warmth of the wood, the texture of the chukum and are framed by the rigidity of the metal plate.

The furniture, art and decorative elements reflect the personality of the house and of the clients. They integrate natural fabrics, pallets of earth colors, and symbolic pieces for them; achieving that they are reflected in the experience of their home.

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Interior Design
  • Jaime Navarro