La Toscana is an apartment complex located in Guadalajara, Mexico. It consists of 108 apartments surrounded by a peaceful environment and plenty of services and conforts to enjoy.

La Toscana was first conceived as one sole tower but due to law and regulations it had to be changed. Which is why instead of one there are two towers 12 stories high. They are integrated by a base that creates a L shaped structure.

The concept behind the complex is to successfully unite a family’s activities and needs. The base that connects the towers hosts a gym and a roof garden where people can go a watch a movie, read a book or plant a tree. Also, there are cozy and quiet areas on the ground floor and 3rd level.

On the other hand, AE Arquitectos selected strong materials for furbishing interiors and exteriors. The likes of granite, marble and wood can be found throughout the areas. These added solidity and consistency to the visual aspects of the project. In order to make the most of La Toscana’s privileged orientation from north to south large windows were installed.

La Toscana’s great achievement was to brilliantly integrate different personal and social activities into one structure. The façade winds up and down as a pleasing final touch which gives birth towers a distinction in Guadalajara’s cityscape.

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Modern home with Living Room, Ceiling Lighting, Console Tables, Coffee Tables, Recliner, End Tables, Sectional, Pendant Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wall Lighting, and Sofa. Photo  of La Toscana
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