[La Balsa] is a project with a certain sense of spontaneity and very influenced by our line of thinking. Located in Santa Clara of San Carlos, Alajuela, in the north of the country in an area near the plains of the Caribbean, but also affected by the climate of the volcanic mountain range of Tilarán. As the project is affected by the rains of the mountains and the humidity and winds of the Caribbean, it was extremely important to establish as a guideline of design, the incorporation of strategies over the average behavior of the usual climatic conditions.

Adjacent to the River Balsa, the project was born conceptually from the rupture of the original course after the storm Nate, which generated a bifurcation, a kind of conceptual crack between stones dug by water and the force of nature. This insinuated us to generate a project from a conceptual bifurcation that separates the project into two symmetrical programmatic volumes that generate among themselves, a space for enjoyment and conviviality. In order to take advantage of the view and the enjoyment of the common areas of the farm, the humid nuclei were placed in the back part of the cabin, thus achieving that all the spaces of public character are opened towards the patio upon mobile enclosures that allow controlling the openings depending on the activities and the dynamics of the space.

In the cabin, traditional climate conditioning strategies were used for areas of high humidity in the tropics. A plinth was created on which the hut was placed, thus avoiding that in heavy rains there would be problems with runoff water, large eaves to generate shelter and spaces with cross ventilation. Much of the wood was extracted, sawed and dried on the farm. In short, climate and materiality were great protagonists of this story.

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