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From Didonè Comacchio

Interior LP project fulfils the needs of a young couple to remodel the interior space of an apartment of about 80sqm, creating an environment suitable for their everyday and working life. The unit is located on the first floor of a newly built residential complex in the historic center of Castelfranco Veneto.

Spatial remodeling has mainly affected the service areas by updating the functional space dedicated to the main bathroom / laundry room and adding a small service bathroom attached to the master bedroom. The main room, which overlooks the outdoor terrace, is an open space where the living / kitchen / study area is developed and blend together and is expanded through the elimination of a corridor.

The project involves the design of custom-made furniture that use neutral colors and favour the material experience, maximizing the containment and hierarchizing the interior space without occluding it, exalting the natural light coming form the large windows.

The interior design is characterized by references to Eastern minimalism, in memory of the couple’s life in Southeast Asia.