Nada transforms an old warehouse into a Chinese restaurant with a Mediterranean essence.

Blue ceramic and wood contrast with the roughness of the cement.

Starting from the program of a family of Chinese origin with several generations dedicated to the restaurant business, Nada has created a quiet restaurant, with few elements where materials dialogue in an harmonious contrast.

The restaurant is projected as an open space with a large central bar, a cold kitchen visible from the dining room and a transition space between the street and the interior.

The materials are simple: cement, ceramic and wood. The open-plan space is maintained as a box with cement walls and floor. It maintains the past industrial look of the property. In the center of the open space a large cobalt blue ceramic bar emerges from the pavement. At the back of the room there is a cold kitchen covered entirely with the same ceramic tile. The effect perceived is similar to the sensation of being in a cave in the depths of the sea.

The walls have been finished in the original color of the cement and a block made from the same material that creates a truss. It reveals what is happening behind it sometimes. This is also a gesture to the typical Mediterranean architecture present in Valencia.

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Built-in metal shelves.

Casual dining area.

The wood stands out in a cement box.

The cold kitchen is perceived as a cave in the depths of the sea.

The sign has been designed by Nada.

The wooden furniture contrasts with the roughness of the cement.

The cobalt blue ceramic coated bar emerges from the floor.

Sign defines spaces.

The latticework suggests transparencies from the kitchen.

The proud owners work in the cold kitchen.

The bathroom lighting floods the room with blue.

The translucent PVC slats are the entrance to the toilet.

The lighting in the bathroom creates suggestive blue gradients.

A family of Chinese origin dedicated to restaurant business.

Intermediate exterior-interior area.