Project posted by Stephan Maria Lang


Interior Design
Landscape Design
Marc Winkel-Blackmore
Hans Kreye

From Stephan Maria Lang

On a sloping site oriented to the morning sun the house is hovering with its widely levitating roof anchored to the ground by 3 stone clad rocky volumes. The white coated slabs with floor to ceiling sliding doors in between create an image like a yard in a light breeze.

The Indoor outdoor living with lots of friends, enough space for entertaining and the maximum input of sea view and evening sun hiding early behind the Hilltop made up the decision to have the Living area in the second floor at street level.

You enter the house in the upper level through a 4 meter high entrance hall. A big western facing window over the entrance door marks the entry in the widely closed street façade. At night the classic artichoke Light of Poul Henningson is a magic focus point for the visitors.
Opposite the entrance hall is the more private living space with a view to Lake Starnberg.

Adjacent to the right is the huge kitchen area overlooking the lake with the mountains in the background. Sky frame sliding Glass door system allows to melt the space to a huge terrace under the dramatic levitating roof subtle lit at night. A big chimney is the heart of the Mountain View terrace which terminates in the infinity pool overlapping free into the garden.

A hidden stairway leads to the lower first floor and the water sunken courtyard, which is an invention to let light in the hill facing guest and bathrooms.The sleeping rooms in this very private area are facing the garden and are connected bay wooden terraces.

In the whole house we tried to use a simple but sophisticated material and color concept.
White walls to present a photo art collection, maple for floors and furniture and Kehlheimer local Limestone for bathrooms and chimneys. The well determined detailing creates an atmosphere of sensitive luxury. Exactly composed vistas determine the free floating groundplan.

The play with fluent passage is enhanced by the garden layout. The sculptured building interacts with the prairie style garden. The composition creates different garden spaces and vistas.