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This house is located in the city of Porto, Portugal.
The project is based on an unfinished house, having been abandoned and vandalized over the past few years. The initial program was completely reformulated by the client, thus raising the main challenge of the project - designing a new house within a pre-existing shell.

On this premise, it was decided to demolish the entire interior compartmentalization, preserving only the exterior concrete walls and the respective windows, since this house is included in a housing complex of forty-two dwellings that must be respected.

The program is spread over three floors: garage, laundry and children's room on the ground floor; social areas - living room, dining room and kitchen - on the middle floor; and the three bedrooms on the top floor.

Another attraction of the project was the fact that all the wood and stones used in the construction work had been provided by the client, acquired for many years for the initial project, leading the project to adapt around these elements, integrating and enhancing them.