Workshop-house for clothes designer. She likes to work with her team together at the same big table. There are a lot of fabrics and a brand new clothes at her workshop area that has directly influenced the plan of our project.

Her work is the whole life to her so she wont make the house for only summer vacation, but for some working classes. As a result we created a big workspace inside the house which can smoothly flow into a rest zone.

The house has two floors. Garage and technical rooms are on the first, but the second floor considered all the living quarters and the swimming pool. The climate and terrain allowed to make a lot of open terraces, panoramic light, and to create a huge atrium and an entryway from the pool straight to the second floor living rooms which finally destroyed the geometric integrity of the house and erasing the boundaries between interior and exterior.

We worked a lot to preserve individual forms of the house and its special shapes that must reflect the character of it's owner.

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