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Located just outside San Sebastián overlooking the Basque Coast in Spain, a beautiful modern hotel has emerged from Monte Igueldo that holds a three-Michelin-star restaurant and modern furnishings from Kettal.

With 22 rooms and spectacular views of the Cantabrian Sea, Hotel Akelarre is a boutique hotel designed by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica of the Madrid-based architecture studio Mecanismo. The hotel was built around Akelarre, a three-Michelin-star "New Basque Cuisine" restaurant run by renowned chef Pedro Subijana.

Comprised of five stone cubicles that are built into the hillside facing the sea, the structure features a rooftop deck with slightly sunken outdoor pits for guests to enjoy. The terraces are connected by a series of planked decking and landscaped gardens that offer a spectacular panoramic view of the coastline.

View of the guest room terraces from the exterior.

Six slightly sunken decks reminiscent of cozy conversation pits have form common outdoor space.

The hotel's interiors emphasizes the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and linen.

The hotel's interiors are equally notable for their elegant and contemporary decor that emphasizes the use of natural materials. The common areas are paneled in wood—a theme that runs throughout the public spaces—seamlessly interconnecting them. The minimalist guest rooms also feature warm wood paneling and floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces. Interiors are furnished with pieces from Spanish furniture maker Kettal, including the collaborative collections Bitta and Boma by Rodolfo Dordoni, Park Life by Jasper Morrison, and Cala by Doshi Levien.

The common areas are completely paneled in wood, which seamlessly flows connecting the common areas of the hotel.

In addition to its own restaurant, the hotel is complete with a smart wellness center, lounge, wine cellar, and a relaxed snack bar called Oteiza, which features Subijana's cuisine in a more relaxed setting. With beautiful design and furnishings, innovative architecture, Michelin star-rated food, and a picturesque coastline, Hotel Akelarre has all the elements you need—and more—for a perfect escape to Spain.

The lounge offers direct access to the deck and terraces and the remarkable view.

The wellness area is divided into two areas: a wet zone with a stone swimming pool, sauna, and a Turkish bath; and a separate zone for spa treatments.

Kettal lounge chairs are featured in the wellness center.

The warmth of the natural materials

Guest rooms offer unparalleled views of the sea, and terraces perfect for enjoying breakfast al fresco or the magical sunset.

Terrace views and outdoor furniture from Kettal.

The terraces are connected by a series of planked decking and landscaped gardens and offer a spectacular panoramic view of the coastline.


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