Project posted by Claudia PCampos


Ademir Franco

From Claudia PCampos

Open to different patios, overlooking the city and the mountains, this house tries to be the possibility of a break in the busy urban life.

The program is solved with the public areas in ground floor, living room, dining room and the kitchen are united outside by means of a multipurpose patio that with the time will be covered of vegetation generating its own microclimate. Upstairs are the bedrooms and a small studio that enjoys both the exterior views and the double height reception space.

On the deck are the service area, as well as a roof garden, which is accessed directly from a separate staircase to maintain the privacy of the house.

By the orientation, the house is closed in its facades to the street, to protect itself from the sun of the West and subtly lets the interior glimpse towards the North by the lattice that covers it from floor to ceiling. Inside, the house turns to the patios that are the heart of the project.

Tectonically, we tried to have as few materials as possible and always in their natural color and texture. A range of grays gives an appearance of backdrop to space so that the protagonism always has the outside: the plants, water, fish, mountains and sky.

In the matter of lighting the spaces are designed with the idea of creating different environments giving each place a feeling of strangeness and uniqueness.