HAZE----2015 Guangzhou Design Week C&C Pavilion

The Pavilion of C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD. in 2015 Guangzhou Design Week was designed into a interactive art installation. It consists of several to the heart of boxes that connected, some electronic screens are set in the space of the end. The audience walked in from the entrance which set, they can see different projection images are projected on the glass screen and the ground, they can see the outside world through the glass, except return to the original road but can’t get out of this space. The gradient of the laminated glass material make the audience have the feeling of nothingness. It is like the haze fill the air in cities of China, it makes people can’t see each other.

In addition to the ecological sense of haze, the art installation also hopes to express relations about modern people and virtual world, it is another kind of invisible “haze”, the “haze” is also surrounded by e-commerce and virtual social. People indulge in it and ignored the everyday around themselves, the interpersonal relationships become increasingly alienated, people see the electronic screen all the time every day, they always enjoy living in a fantasy world which regard as the real world. This embodies modern society have caused people some kind of loneliness and lost in the spirit of world, designers hope to arouse people’s reflection of this state.

On the third day of the exhibition, the audience began to used the brush which the organizers offer to graffiti and painting on glass, express their understanding of the project. It is interesting that the theme of “haze” is unrevealed. The audience who participated was formed an artistic behavior on this topic spontaneously, the art installation is triggered on audiences’ collective unconscious.

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