The Harbinger house is a modern remodel of an addition to a Ralph Anderson classic Pacific Northwest mid-century modern home. The new entry courtyard takes advantage of trees already on site. The entry trellis helps identify the entry and create a sense of compression and appropriate sense of scale between the two spaces. The design for the new larger kitchen provides an open space for a more modern style of living and entertaining. The formal dining room lies beyond. The new master bathroom features a tub with panoramic views through a corner window of the heavily-wooded site.

Among the many features of the house, the use of sustainable materials throughout remains prominent. To create a natural aesthetic, different types of wood are incorporated throughout the house itself. The kitchen island was created from recycled bamboo and the floor is made of tiger wood. The new entry with view to stair beyond, which becomes a focal point of the remodeled home. The siding is reclaimed tree bark, with a life of 75 years. Project completed at Place Architects in partnership with YS Built.

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