There is a saying that the ones who live in a glass house should not throw stones, but have you ever imagined living in a see-through house? The following houses have stunning structures that capture everyone’s eyes. Some would say that they are modern properties, but we can also classify them as experimental houses. Who has nothing to hide can call these houses home. The following houses are true works of art.

A wooden barn that hides a glass castle

This is a unique house. If you were to see it in two different pictures, you would think that they are two different homes. Well, it is a house that seems ordinary when it has the wooden cover on. But the wooden cover can slide back and uncover a glass house. This is what makes it unique, it has a sliding cover, and it slides back and forth according to the preference of the owner. The property is designed by dRMM Architects, and they are proud that their project received so much attention from the real estate market.

A lakeside crystal clear glass house

Only the fact that this house has a lakeside view makes it one of the most-wanted properties on the market. The Watervilla Kortenhoef is located in the Netherlands, and it comes with a panoramic view of the lake thanks to the glass walls. The floor is only a few inches above the water, and a great part of the house is made from glass. It also features a rooftop terrace to offer the inhabitants access to an impressive view. But this is not enough, the house also has a level underwater. The bedrooms and bathrooms were imagined as part of a submarine, so the homeowners benefit from great privacy. The underwater level has glass panels instead of the floor to help the inhabitants connect with the water.
A full glass apartment that has nothing to hide

In Stuttgart Germany there is a 4-apartments complex entirely made from glass. The light enters the home through the triple-glazed windows and it creates a cosy atmosphere for the inhabitants. This idea was the source of inspiration for the best Dallas apartments, because they come with huge windows. The difference is that the designers decided to keep the walls in Dallas, because the owners consider sacred their privacy. The apartments from Stuttgart have solar panels so it is classified as one of the real estate complexes of the world that have sustainable features.

The peek-a-boo house from the woods

The privacy of this house is assured by the fact that it is located in the woods, near the ocean in Pittwater, close to Sydney. It was designed as a hidden sanctuary, where the owners can retreat when they want to seclude themselves from the world. There were used concrete pillars under the form of trees to offer it the aspect of a tree house. The colour scheme of the house is based on shades of grey and white with small bursts of red. The interior decorations are made from wood to make the house harmonize with nature.

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