Heres a link of the pictures and plans

A complete transformation of a drab 1950s bungalow in Surrey into a stunning contemporary home that takes full advantage of the enviable views


I purchased a run-down bungalow in Surrey seeing its potential in 2014 and decided to completely transform and extend it into a contemporary family home.

‘A heavily sloping site meant some ingenious design features have been employed in order to maintain privacy and make the most of the stunning views of the surrey hills.’

The design and project management of the project was undertaken by Alan and his team at Adapt Architecture.

‘The main prerequisite was to infill the portion of unusable space and to reorient the property to face the garden and make use of its views.’

The build process:
The project averaged 3 days a week on site, as they still had a busy design firm to run, which is why it was a longer than average build duration taking around 18 months. However the cost savings were well worth waiting for. Alan called in favors from associate professionals, tradesmen and suppliers. ‘We estimated to have saved in the region of 50% on the overall build costs by managing the project, bargain hunting and calling in lots of favors. We got the build cost including the complete fit out and refurb down to under £1000m2.

The project was phased so that myself and my family could live in the existing bungalow almost unaffected until the works were complete, which made the process bearable, as anyone who has lived on a building site will know the disruption and strain it can put on a family.

I lives there with my sister Jessica and his partner Beatrice and their baby daughter Ella Nicole born just a few weeks after they completed the project.

The 3 bedroom bungalow was built in 1950 and was 2.4m above the rear garden level and 1.2m lower than the road at the front. The appeal of the site was a beautiful garden and views over surrey, however the house was badly orientated, and disjointed with the garden.

The design was a 2 storey infill extension between existing bungalow and large detached garage 12m away from one another, with conversion of the loft space above the bungalow.

The rear the property is of a modern design with cedar cladding and white rendered walls, large 6.5m wide x full ceiling height 3 pane sliding aluminium doors. The doors open out to a large timber curved deck with a gradual stepped seating area to link to the garden level 2m below.

To the front the design is more traditional style. With Clay Plain tile roofs, white rendered walls, and a cantilevered oak porch canopy.

Clever use of dummy roof slopes help give the impression of depth to what are fairly flat elevations.

The Sloping Site
On entering through the front door from the drive, you are met with views out over the Surry Hills. The formerly sloping front driveway was built up by ½ meter at the front reducing the driveway slope.

Bargain hunting
A simple Ikea kitchen was purchased for £3k, sourcing knobs and handles online for huge savings. The Solid Oak Worktops came in at 1k compared to 5k compared to high street prices. The island is one large pies measuring 1.2m x 2.4m. It is crazy to see the price differences of the same quality items, if you shop around you can usually fine the same item for half the price. As we were not time constrained, this made it easier to spend time searching online and phoning round trade merchants to get prices for materials. We could easily have spend double if we just went with the first price.

Open Plan Spaces
Although the living room is open plan to the kitchen and dining space, it was cleverly designed to include a step down living area, closed wall on the staircase side and open oak bookshelf on the other made from left over oak worktop to give the lounge a little privacy and separation between the spaces.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms
2 separate staircases were designed to access the first floor. A small staircase on the north side leads to a master bedroom, Ensuite and walk in wardrobe, whilst the main oak staircase off the open plan area leads to 3 bedrooms and a family bathroom.

Exterior Spaces
The huge curved patio has been designed to incorporate seating in some of the large curved steps and reconnect the house to the garden. The deck spans the full width of the house around 24m and is 3.6m at its deepest.

Due to the sloping site, a beam and block floor with Underfloor heating and a thick 100mm concrete screed to utilse the largely glazed south east elevation for thermal mass.

A simple block cavity construction for the walls as the house was completely rendered other than a small section on the first floor rear elevation which was battened out with a secret fix western red cedar cladding added.

There was some fairly substantial steelwork at ground floor to make the space open plan, with the first floor dividing walls all in blockwoirk to reduce sound between bedrooms.

The roof was made up in a warm roof construction for speed and simplicity from the front pitched section to the concealed rear flat roof.

The stairwell has 2 mechanically operated rooflights which are rain and heat sensored. These were implemented so that in the hot summer months the windows will open automatically and draw out the hot air, creating a simple stack effect. We have also integrated interior sun blinds along the rear sliding doors, as it is over 16m2 of glass, which lower the blinds over 24 degrees. I would have preferred to add triple glazed glass and external shading or blinds as this would be more efficient but budget constrains would not permit.

Project Notes

• Project: Extension and remodel of a bungalow

• Location: Surrey

• Build time: March 2015 – Dec 2016

• House size before: 120m2

• House size After:300m2

• Plot cost: £425,000

• Build cost: £200000(180m2 extension)

If you’d like to watch the build procees. A flick book video was created and uploaded to you tube which you can access via the link below or searching ‘adapt architecture’ on google videos.

Heres a link of the pictures and plans

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Rear VIew

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Rear VIew

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Open Plan Space

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OPen plan

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Rear Before

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Rear with sunrise

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steel beams

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steel beams


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