Round Top, Texas
  • Round Top, Texas
  • Meet Flophouze-an eco-chic shipping container hotel located in Round Top, Texas. Its Name is the ultimate paradox. These gorgeous containers sets an ultimate example of how to bring together repurposed materials and create something absolutely beautiful. Born from pure wanderlust, an inherent obligation to recycle, and a constant need to create- owner Matt White and his crew from Recycling The Past have created an amazing new lodging concept that has shaken up the hotel industry in Texas.

    Our eco-chic interiors are cladded with sustainably harvested wood from our farm in upstate New
    York and reclaimed lumber from across America. To capture the vast pastoral views and great

    natural light, we installed windows salvaged from a school in Philadelphia that was slated

    for demolition.

    Unique to say the least, we keep the funky vibe going with salvaged cabinet bases from a lab
    oratory in Brooklyn and our counter tops are crafted from old bowling alley and railroad car floo

    rs here in Texas! Artifacts acquired from Matt's travels across the globe adorn each Houze m aking

    the decor truly one of a kind.

    At Flophouze, we don't have T.V.'s, we keep it old school. Our Houzes come equipped with record
    players and a handpicked vinyl collection. In the living room, you will find a stack of uni que

    books to read through at your leisure. Here we believe friends, family, a good book and a n old

    song is food for the soul. So unwind, unplug, and enjoy a much needed break from all th e noise.

    Matt White uploaded FLOPHOUZE CONTAINER HOTEL through Add A Home.
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